RISC OS Software

Software available to download for Risc OS

Full list:


The ARM chip emulator.

This is a module that adds numerous instructions to your computer. There is a feature to add your own instructions if you are able to write a Risc OS module. All the framework is set up for you.

These instructions are very useful on many computers from RPCEmu right up to the latest Raspberry Pi where some of these instructions are missing. If you are getting an 'Undefined Instruction' error message this module may help.

An example module with source code is included in BASIC to add your own instruction to count the number of bits that are set in a register for those wanting to try adding new instructions. All the registers and status register are sent to your code in a table and you just need to modify the table entries and set R3 to indicate if you have completed the instruction.

Download ACE for RISC OS


The ARM encodings.

This shows the instructions ARM will execute by the binary number provided to the processor. Menu clicking on the main page provides a window of instructions to start with. Menu clicking on a binary number provides a menu to alter that 4-bit group. A right click will change a 0 or 1 to a question mark and multiple instructions are then shown for each 1 or 0 possible. Up to four question marks are permitted.

Download ARMenc for RISC OS


Fix DOS and Risc OS filetype issues.

This program can convert your programs from the unusable DOS filetypes, such as !RunImage,FF8 (type Data) to !RunImage (type FF8) by dragging the file to the DOS2RO icon. Any directory or application will have all the files converted. A save box will allow you to drag the converted files to a different location so you are not modifying the source files.

The program can convert either to Risc OS types or from Risc OS to DOS filetypes.

If immediate is ticked on the main menu this will convert anything dragged to the iconbar in place. Useful if you need to drag many files or wish to do each one by one.

Further, you can create a "!Fix" file. This makes an obey file that should be saved next to your application or inside it. This will change all the filetypes from DOS to Risc OS types if the user changes the filetype of the "!Fix" file to obey and runs it.

NEW: When !DOS2RO is running, any file named "!Fix" or "!Fix,feb" can be run by double-clicking the file even if it is not the correct filetype. A check is made to ensure that the file is a valid DOS2RO !Fix file before running it.

This is a very untested application and I accept no responsibility for any data loss. It is strongly recommended to copy anything you wish to convert to the RAM disk first.

Download DOS2RO for RISC OS


Quick launch applications.

Launched on the far left side of your iconbar, this allows you to click the select button and then choose the program you wish to run. Adjust click to run a program and keep the menu open for fast launching of multiple applications.

Shift and click will open the directory that the program is in.

Some programs may need to be opened before they appear on your list. Your program list is saved across sessions.

Download FireUp for RISC OS


Load in the newest version of a module that is known to your system.

This adds extra functionality to your module loading via *RmLoad commands that many application use.

It does this by finding the newest version from:

When the newest version has been found in a file, it will loaded. If the newest version is already running then nothing will happen since you already have the newest.

* The newest version of the module will be copied into your Choices.ModNewest directory. This means that once seen, it will be used in the future to ensure your newest version is always loaded.

The newest version is decided by:

You can create a file called Ignore in your Choices.ModNewest directory with a list of module titles (not filenames) that will be ignored and RmLoad will work normally. Amulator is automatically ignored due to its unique version numbering - You do not want the newest Amulator loaded but the one that works with your processor.

Programmers and users can override the workings this module by the use *%RmLoad instead, with the % character in front of RmLoad.

Download ModNewest for RISC OS